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The bureau noted that Xiang Lili, former deputy director of the Hunan Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, served as chairman of the Changsha Bank from 2000 to 2004 and was the old leader of Meng Gang.


Resume shows, Meng Gang was born in May 1970, Hunan Yanling, correspondence undergraduate degree. He worked early in the agricultural bank changsha branch, xiangyin experimental bank.


In June 2000, Meng Gang entered Changsha Bank and worked here for 18 years. He served as President of Xiangyin Branch of Changsha Commercial Bank and President of HSBC Branch of Changsha Bank (renamed Changsha Commercial Bank in 2008), General Manager of Human Resources Department of Changsha Bank.


According to the bank's annual report, Meng became deputy governor of Changsha in 2015, earning a pre-tax salary of 10,000 yuan that year, and has remained largely at around 1.3 million levels in the years since. In 2016,2017 and 2018, Meng Gang received pre-tax compensation from the bank of 10,000 yuan,10,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan respectively.


June 26,2019, Meng Gang was investigated. That night, changsha bank announced that the relevant work has been properly arranged, the current business activities are normal, the investigation will not have a major adverse impact on the bank's daily management and long-term stable development.


According to local media reports, just before, the temporary Party branch of Changsha Municipal Commission of Discipline Commission on the``6 25'' project took wake-up the heart and party character as the entry point, and carried out a``never forget the mind'' of the thought soul of Meng Steel, keeping in mind the theme education.


``Though Meng Gang made serious mistakes, the organization will not give up on him and help him find out the root of thought. ``The temporary Party branch of the special group introduced, ``During the conversation, we found that Meng Gang's lack of faith, mental lack of calcium and other problems, so we put the ideal belief purpose education throughout the whole time, let him accept the mind, rectify the thought's disease. ``.


The Party branch organized Meng Gang to study the original works such as the Party Constitution, the Communist Manifesto, and On the Cultivation of Communist Party members. In the subject education, Meng Gang only \"on the cultivation of Communist Party members\" read nearly 20 times.


At the same time, the Party branch also plays a positive and typical role in guiding education. \"Why did they stick to it? Where does the powerful come from? This time I understand, and I understand. Compared with the advanced model, meng steel feel ashamed:\" I do not normally serve the people's consciousness, only think of their own interests, in accepting some of the small favors given by others, take for granted, peace of mind, how absurd!\"


The temporary Party branch combined with the previous active case around the case, focusing on the \"learn from past mistakes to save people\" policy. Meng regretted his previous conduct of counter-censorship:\" it was wrong and wrong to learn that the organization was investigating itself, not to confess to the organization, but to choose a string of confrontations.\"


After reading the article \"dong zhentang: a resolute revolutionary comrade \",\" believing that the organization depends on the organization is the right way \", mr meng wrote a 16-page experience of\" sticking to the force \"with tears streaming down his face and regrets.


The bureau noted that one month before Meng Gang was investigated, on May 9,2019, Qin Guangrong, the former secretary of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, was suspected of serious violations of discipline and law and voluntarily filed a case. Eight days later, mr. qin's old ministry, the former deputy director of the hunan people's congress standing committee, was investigated. Xiang Lili was chairman of the Changsha Commercial Bank from 2000 to 2004.


As details of the case continue to reveal, Qin Guangrong son Qinling was exposed to the central enterprise Huarong assets in the case of former chairman Lai Xiaomin. And to Li Li's son guide, after graduation was Luo Zhi in Huarong Group Qinling under the command until the incident. Through this complex network of politicians and businessmen, force in the \"above\" people, and qin guangrong for the interests of the government and business interests in hunan to seize power asylum.


Some media reports point out that changsha and other projects of illegal equity transactions, are related to this network. One of the representative cases is the Changsha Bank equity trading case.


A $16 million stake in the second-largest shareholder in Changsha Commercial Bank, the bank's predecessor in 2002, was forcibly transferred to others. The stake is worth hundreds of millions of yuan as changsha later went public. According to media reports, the transferee and Qinling are very close relations. At that time, mr. qin was transferred to yunnan, while mr. xiang served as deputy mayor of changsha in charge of finance and chairman of changsha commercial bank.


In addition, according to xinhua finance and economics, changsha bank has pointed out in its prospectus that some of its information was incomplete from its inception in 1997 to 2005, and that the transfer of shares during this period \"may not be accurate and complete.\"