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Seeing my surprised expression, he explained:" Recently very busy, sometimes have no time to eat, or overnight overtime, at this age, there are old and young, began to die, so ……”


There were 14 films in 1989;16 in 1991;15 in 1993; five in 1993; and 73 in variety, even director Wang Jing said that Andy Lau's achievements were all spelled out.


The reason is that two years ago in thailand ads fell horse injury left a legacy of trauma, so that later concert noises, he felt that the horse will not be related to the damage caused by the body.


When he was driving, he would be worried about whether there would be a car in the back; he wouldn't be afraid by plane, but he would now; he would be afraid to hang a concert, but he would be afraid now; he would have to concentrate on singing to forget the danger.


In earnest, he wrote about his cancer and the complex and painful tests that followed, urging everyone to take their bodies seriously.


Since my illness, I have been thinking about a question, why do I have this disease? No blame, can only say the blame, all kinds of signs, iron general facts tell me, are because I am lazy! Modern medicine has confirmed that there are cancer genes in everyone, and whether the disease depends on whether the proto-oncogene is activated. I think my lazy, let the cancer gene in my body at the right time, the activation of optooptic flint. I am a person who is very hard on himself, often put a lot of pressure on himself, always very anxious, anxious to stay up all night. Poor sleep means I don't get up for breakfast or get away with it. After I graduated from college, I worked in Guangzhou, the first-tier city of life pressure is also great, eat basic take-out, the evening is not easy to have a little time, and do not want to easily end this short happy hour. There is no time to eat well, to exercise well, to rest well, and not to spend this time, I think my description you all understand. From the public name: Childe Lu his section of confession, is how many young people daily?


Think of what Zhou Guoping said:\" When a man is in health, his possibilities in the world seem infinite, and at that time he often dazzles, with no distinction between primary and secondary.\"


I don't know if he survived that difficult period of cancer, but I can feel that it must have been after all the bitterness that he decided to issue a public name to record his remorse and warn young people not to squander their health.


About 12,000 people a day are confirmed to have cancer of all kinds, with an average of eight cancer per minute and five cancer deaths. China's cancer onset age 15-20 years, the original 50-80 years old only easy to get cancer, has reached 35-55 years old. Some time ago, singer Zhang Mi also posted a long article on his own diagnosis of advanced cancer, on the Weibo hot search.


She said she had never thought the words \"advanced cancer\" would be associated with herself before, and couldn't even believe it was true in black and white when she got the diagnosis report.


Just this month, the singer, who sang the song \"chen love order \", also posted a news of his diagnosis of cancer, and wrote down his condition in detail, hoping to help you forward it to let more professionals see, thereby helping themselves overcome the disease.


Many people in the loss of health, began to lament the injustice of fate, but do not know, fate has repeatedly winked at you, remind you to pay attention to the body, but you turn a blind eye.


When staying up late leads to physical fatigue, nausea and sweating, you always feel that natural and man-made disasters cannot happen to yourself, so improper, continue to reverse the black and white life.


When you eat a lot of junk food, the body indicators light up red light, you don't care about, always feel young when not to enjoy, the old time is late, so continue to let up.


He yumin, a professor at shanghai college of traditional chinese medicine, said in an article that everyone has cancer cells, but only when they reach nine-fold.


Yu juan, a young teacher at fudan university in shanghai, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. He was further diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 2010 and died a year later.


Walk fast for 75 minutes a week, extending life expectancy on average relative to inactive people. Walk fast for 150 minutes a week, extending life to years on average. Low exercise reduces mortality by 20 per cent; moderate exercise reduces mortality by 40 per cent. Of course, positive rest and negative rest, cannot replace each other, both we need.


Don't sun your money, to the hospital, money is not valuable; don't sun your work, down, countless people will do better than you; don't sun your house, you go, that is to make wedding clothes for others; the only thing you can show off, only your health! In the first half of life, there are times when you have to sacrifice your health for wealth. In the second half of life, we should avoid using the money we earn to buy health, because it will only end up empty.


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