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It is one of the most representative works of FC (Red and White Machine). In the late 1980s, when all kinds of compatible FC machines entered the country, it was the display game of almost all the shopping malls. Many people began to touch the game from the Soul Fight, becoming the earliest group of players in China


Today, more than 30 years later, all kinds of action shooting games emerge in endlessly, players will play without consciously comparing with the soul, its earliest design on the FC host operation mode, can be said to lay the foundation of the following similar works, this article will come to a deep analysis of the design concept of the soul, and the impact on the overall game level design and player experience


In the action shooting game, the player's operation content can be divided into two parts: moving and shooting, in which the combination of direction control and action of the two is the basis of the operation design and the core content that the player needs to learn from the hand. In modern games, it is more common to use a double rocker control mode, each using a 360-degree rocker to control the direction, the movement of characters and the direction of shooting do not conflict, whether horizontal or vertical scroll, can get a good operation experience, players are simple, developers design level restrictions are very few


However, in the FC host, there is only one control direction of the cross key, can only achieve a maximum of 8 direction operation, plus two function keys, obviously cannot achieve both moving and shooting at the same time all direction operation, then it is necessary to simplify and choose the operation. At that time, the manufacturer mainly adopted the following three methods


The first, which retains the movement of the character 8 in the direction of the muzzle, or the direction of the shooting, is used in many vertical scroll games, typically in SNK's Cuban Warrior. This way basically restores the arcade popular vertical screen overlooking corner game, in the performance screen has a natural advantage, the character's weapons are also a variety of, simple and quick to use, the disadvantage is that jump content is scarce, the game experience is almost pure shooting


Second, keep the characters moving and jumping, simplify the shooting direction, the player can only shine left and right to stand or jump shooting, usually used in the horizontal scroll game, the typical representative is CAPCOM's \"Locke Man \". This approach downplays the shooting, adding a lot of jumping elements to the level, which is generally more difficult, especially when the enemy is in a dead corner where the jump is not high enough


Third, by setting the state of the characters and the priority of various instructions, the players can achieve the seamless connection of character movement, shooting and jumping, and the players can get the two experiences of jumping movement and omnidirectional shooting. The typical example of this way is soul fighting.


2。 The player uses the cross and jump keys to move left and right, lie down and jump, but the direction of the shot can only go straight ahead, using the position of the moving person to adjust the bullet point, which is actually similar to the second one described above, and simplifies the aiming operation


3。 The horizontal scroll, all the other levels, need to be explained, similar to the 1st generation 3rd waterfall pass this kind, although the level design is upward movement, but the angle of view and the operation and the horizontal plate level are still counted as the horizontal plate scroll, these levels operation is the main operation mode of the game


Here we introduce the concept of priority, if there are many ways to switch from state A to state B (more than from state B to state A), or once the state B has been triggered, it must wait until the state B is naturally over, or the player can actively cancel the key operation of state B to return to state A, then the priority of state B is higher than that of state A


In the game, the shooting operation is above all the above state, the player can press the firing key at any time to carry out the shooting, the shooting direction is based on the direction of the character in the first moment before the shooting, the master can use the very short time difference between the two waves of S scatterers, and quickly switch the direction, so that the large fan-shaped area to fire, is the principle.


According to the priority of the state, we can also infer the priority of each operation key, the FC version of the key includes: up and down, shooting, jumping, we determine the principle of the priority of the key is that when the priority of the lower priority is held down, if the priority of the key is pressed, it will be converted into a state of two keys at the same time. For example, when the left and right keys are pressed to run, the jump key becomes an oblique jump


First of all, the highest priority shooting key in the game, characters can be shot in any state, all types of weapons do not limit the number of bullets (time limit invincible B and screen enemy completely extinguished), which sets the main tone of the game: shooting, other action assistance, this feature is particularly evident in boss warfare, all boss warfare is carried out on a complete flat ground, players only need to focus on moving bullets to avoid, and at the same time can fire uninterrupted


Secondly, the game solves the contradiction between \"mobile shooting\" and \"fixed shooting\" very well, the FC game moves and the shooting aiming share a cross key, the change of shooting direction must be accompanied by the change of the character's direction, the scheme is to give up the in situ oblique shooting function, and the design of the level allows the player to destroy the enemy obliquely in the movement, and some boss battles require long oblique shooting, all of which are handled skillfully, such as adding an obstacle, realizing \"fixed shooting\" in disguise \"


In addition, players in any state of the game, enter any button, the character's action will change, such a design gives the player a strong sense of control, take the following details as an example:


1。 Press the button at rest, the character will point the muzzle to the top.


The experience with these details is that players don't feel \"out of control \". In many similar games, the characters are actually in a brief state of control when they are jumping, shoveling, and retreating, and they can't cancel or switch to other movements. It's hard for players to know when the state of runaway will end to make the next move, resulting in a lot of action that seems to be smooth, but the player is not really fluent


In the following works, with the change of content performance, the operation mode has also been improved, such as MD version of the Iron Blood Corps, the level of small boss greatly increased, many times need to fix the character oblique shooting, then added a switch button, so that players can press the oblique key to choose whether to move or not


In general, the fc version of the soul, no matter the operation experience or level design, belong to the rungun type, emphasizing the elimination of the enemy in the movement, the use of exquisite key design to match the scene content, to achieve a very smooth feel, in the era of hardware conditions are not developed, can be said to be a very successful game design model. The operation and the content of the precise fit, key instructions are not expensive, this is the soul to bring us success enlightenment


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