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This is a high achiever growth camp - more than 10 undergraduate students published more than 30 sci papers; won the National \"Challenge Cup\" first and second prize; more than 10 people won the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award, first prize; nearly 4 years,3 people exempted from the test.


This is a research and training team directed by Zhu Xufei, with more than 30 undergraduate students from four different grades. In recent years, the team has been approved 5 National Natural Science Foundation, authorized more than 10 patents, published nearly 100 sci papers, of which JCR has more than 70% of the first and second district papers and two ESI high cited papers.


Professor zhu xufei was originally \"famous\" for his successful studies -- his public selection of \"wisdom and success\" was popular with students, but as an undergraduate teacher of polymer materials and engineering, his strong point was scientific research. He proved the gold of his successful studies with practical action.


In the eyes of students, Professor Zhu cannot only guide students to do scientific research, but also make spicy shrimp and delicious New Year cake for students. The student calls him to teach uncle, because he has the knowledge and the vision of the professor, and has the warmth and the mind of the uncle next door.


Before joining the scientific research and training team, Professor Zhu asked them about three chapters: the academic achievement should rise steadily, the English level 6 should meet the standard, the most important thing is to have the clear development goal and the super-strong action ability.


Teacher Zhu said that classroom learning is always the main position to consolidate the foundation. Scientific training is the second class, is the icing on the cake good thing, can add how much \"flowers \", first depends on\" brocade \"weaving how big and how good. \"Mr. Zhu has always stressed that education is the first thing to do and does not require us to take up the study time to do scientific research, but also to cherish the opportunity of scientific research and training,\" said Zhang Jianpeng, a class of 2018. A high-level academic paper by team members is the crystallization of students'scientific research achievements in their spare time and the embodiment of classroom learning results.


“"big and small "and" pass help with "is Zhu's secret. In the details of the experiment, Mr Zhu can teach his hands for hours, but sometimes he is happy to be a "hands-off ". "The teacher took a long time to teach us how to consult the literature, read the literature, collate the literature, and gradually help me clear the direction of scientific research," said Zhou Qinyi, a class of 2018. Since the start of the summer vacation in 2019, Zhou Qinyi has had stage results, and after repeated revisions by the teacher, her paper has been cast.


Teacher Zhu is often a \"bystander \", allowing students to discuss and solve difficult problems freely. Just entered the laboratory undergraduates, graduate students hand in hand to teach them experimental operation, analysis curves, charting. When a difficult problem arises, it is also the first time to discuss the solution with the brothers, when the problem cannot be solved, or when there is a directional error, the teacher will reach out to help. Mr. zhu said that senior students'guidance to younger students not only allowed them to revisit the experiment process, but also allowed new members to understand the difficulties and error-prone points more carefully, thus contributing to the improvement of undergraduate independent scientific research ability.


Many new members join the team early, personal goals and development direction is unclear. Zhu believes that the results are important, and the direction is more important. The purpose of scientific training is not to win the award certificate, but to find the research direction that oneself is good at. The two instructors and each student work together to set a phased goal to guide students to develop scientific research into papers, patents and other forms, ready to prepare for the next stage of the various events.


When students have a better research direction, Miss Zhu will \"send the students out \". Mention 2018 class student zhang jiajun, zhu teacher praise: solid foundation, good habits, have self-confidence, the brain is flexible, is a good seedling for scientific research, the drawback is that they demand too much.


Zhang, a freshman who wrote a paper in the Oxford EC Journal, fought to compete in a number of events, but unfortunately lost in the national college math competition (first prize, no sixth place, no final) and a school heavyweight award.


Zhang Jiajun gradually returned to the best state, but also realized that his point of interest is not in the direction of material science, but in the direction of organic synthesis. When he learned that professor chang gan's organic synthetic team needed students to join him, zhu decided to send zhang jiajun out.


Zhu Xufei said that this is to teach students according to their aptitude, to create the most scientific and reasonable training system for students. In addition, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of students'personality, to mobilize the favorable factors in the characteristics of students in time, to polish some of the shortcomings of students, so that personality characteristics into the help of students to grow into talent.


Always with a smile, every morning in the WeChat group to encourage everyone to reply to the question always with a small flower expression. This is the impression of teacher Zhu in the students'hearts.


Zhou Qinyi said:\" every time we talk about the progress of the project and solve the difficult problems, the teacher always come to us, never let us go to him.\" Big stones in ginkgo square, eight big characters on the first floor of the library, a two-bomb one-star monument in zhige garden... The back of Mr. Zhu's conversation was everywhere.


Sometimes, the students of the research group have no time to eat, Miss Zhu will bring food from home to everyone, and often invite everyone to his home for dinner. Teacher Zhu's best dish is spicy shrimp, many students like it.


Yu Mengshi is too focused on scientific research often forget to eat, Zhu often from the canteen to bring her food, by the way to communicate the week's scientific research progress and difficult problems, Yu Mengshi published seven sci papers during the undergraduate period, into Peking University for further study.